My New Dice Toy - Product Review

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Today I have enjoyed being out in the garden sun bathing, sniffing the air to smell fresh cut grass and of course barking at every bird that tries to enter my garden.

Just as I was catching some rays a delivery arrived at our door, mum opened up the box to show me a new product that will be going live on my shop this week. Me being me I instantly put my nose in the box pressing on the new products. A new dice toy!!!!! Mum gave me three colours to chose from blue, orange and pink, I chose the blue one as this is my favourite colour.

I was so excited I ran around the garden squeaking it and rolling it on the floor to see what number it would land on. I took my new toy in to show my baby sister who was on her play mat, I placed my dice on the floor and nutted it to her, she loved watching it roll.

I can't wait for her to grow up so we can play snakes and ladders with my new dice.

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