1x Bow Wow Salami Beef stick

1x Bow Wow Salami Beef stick

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Dog treats are an indispensable tool for every dog and its parent. They serve several useful purposes. From satisfying a dogs natural urge to chew to being a great rewarding tool, dog snacks are the most effective and common way surprise a dog. While the market is filled with such products, we are here to set you free from all the hassle of choosing an ideal dog treat with this Bow Wow Salamis Beef Stick. This delicious beef dog treat is topped with smokey salami aroma to tempt your canines.

With its heightened sense of smell, it will be quite easy to see your dog running towards it as soon as you open this pack. These Bow Wow dog treats are made of collagen 50%, cereals, meat and animal derivatives, derivatives of vegetable origin, oils and fats. This beef dog stick contains crude protein 53.9% and oils & fats only 2.6% to make a dogs snacking time healthier and nutritious.

Measuring 12 x 2 cm approximately, it wont be difficult for any pooch to pick this stick up and chew. Regular positive chewing helps combat unhealthy and destructive chewing and results with improved oral health. Gnawing their teeth in this delicious dog snack, not only occupies a dog for hours but also helps strengthen its teeth and jaws. Serve it whole or break it into pieces and sprinkle over your dogs regular meal to make it more appealing and tastier. Always supervise your dog when giving a treat.

Product Dimensions: 15.6 cm (D) x 15.6 cm (W) x 13.4 cm (H)

Product Benefits

  • Gives delicious and tempting smokey salami aroma
  • Carefully selected ingredients by Bow Wow
  • Tasty beef flavoured stick satisfies dogs instincts to chew
  • Healthy chewing promotes improved dental health
  • Can be easily broken into chunks to feed them while training